Getting to the clinic

Kind in Mind is located at the Delhi Road Clinic in the Delhi Corporate building.

There is some visitor parking available at the front of the building. You will be given a code to access through the boom gate. If there is no parking, you can continue through the driveway out the other side onto Plassey Rd where there is metered parking for up to 12 hours.
North Ryde train station and bus stops are also nearby and in close walking distance.

The Clinic is on the lower Level 1. When you enter the building, take the lift down to Level 1, turn right and look for Suite 1.19 from there. If the appointment is in the evening, the front entrance (located on street level) may be locked and you will need to dial 119 to be buzzed into the building.  



Kind in Mind, Delhi Road Clinic
Suite 1.19, 32 Delhi Road
North Ryde NSW 2113

Thursdays 10.30am-6.30pm and Fridays 7.30am-1pm

T: 0466 00 11 90
F: (02) 9889 4291

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