Corporate Wellbeing Services

Kind in Mind Corporate Wellbeing Packages

Evidence based psychological strategies for organisations and workplaces

Growing and successful businesses are paying more attention to mental health in the workplace. Every action towards the health of your employees counts. Research shows that for every dollar spent on effective mental health strategies in the workplace may generate $2.30 return on investment (PricewaterhouseCoopers Australia (2014). Creating a mentally healthy workplace: return on investment analysis. Retrieved from

Encourage your employees with research based tools from clinical and positive psychology and coaching. Demonstrate your value of employee wellbeing by endorsing positive mental health. Invest in your staff who are taking on more responsibility, and equip them to progress and manage the self in their professional working life.

Participants will discover practical strategies to optimise ourselves at home and at work from evidence based research. Learning will focus on our ability to shape our brains using neuroscientific cognitive strategies, mindfulness, and goal setting.

Comprehensive Package. Workshop and webinar series.

Participants attend a workshop delivered in-house over two half-day courses. Sessions cover resilience, cognitive restructuring, productivity and optimisation strategies, goal setting and mindfulness. Includes mindfulness practice and learning materials.

Participants gain access to the professional webinar series below to consolidate and further their skills and strategies.

Professional Webinar Package. Webinars only.

Employees gain online access at work or home to five weekly webinars.
Topics introduce relaxation and stress management skills, healthy habits and emotional management, and helpful mindsets.
Each week includes a 10 minute mindfulness podcast.

Optional webinar topics tailored to your needs may be added.

Bookings are available for July 2020